What is migraine?

Migraine is a type of recurrent headaches that can range from moderate to severe.
In general, the headaches can occur on half side of the head, pain feels like pulsating, they can last from 2 ~ 72 hours.
Symptoms wtih migraine may include nausea, vomiting, light sensitivities, sound, or smell.
1/3 of people may have a visual aura before the disturbance of migraine.
In Chinese Medicine, we talk about migraine in many different types of factors. Factors can be range from internal and external. It is important to understand the root of the problem before pursuiting treatments. In acupuncture, on our head, there are many meridian points in which guides to differet organs in our body. Pain often comes from meridians being blocked, where Qi cannot follow or transfer, thus, pain will occur. The way to treat it is by removing the obstructions and relieve the way of Qi to pass smoothly. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can be very effective in treating migraine with good success rate.

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