Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is often combined with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine formula for better and more effective ways to eliminate diseases. It is also to be considered a gentler, chemical-free, safer, less invasive and merciful form of medical approach. Traditional Chinese Medicine formula can enhance the effectiveness of acupuncture treatments and maximize the result with higher efficacy.

Dr. Wang is an experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor (TCMD) with more than 30 years of clinical practice. Wang’s family of Traditional Chinese Medicine practice is well known for using Chinese Medicine formula for treating various diseases. The Chinese Medicine herbal extractions that our clinic uses has received national honours from the Taiwanese government, acknowledgement from the Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration, acknowledgement from Japanese Health Department, Taiwan GMP Certification and ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Standard Certification by BSI.

Our clinic provides the best Chinese Medicine quality on the market. All the herbal extractions are imported and made by nationwide renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers in Taiwan with forty years of good reputation and continuous laboratory research. These herbal extractions are safe to use and contain no harmful chemicals. The Taiwanese government has one of the highest restriction and regulation for Chinese Medicine products in the world. The importations of all the products are under Canada’s and Taiwan’s government regulation.

All the Chinese Medicine formula remedies are safely used under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Wang. Please note that all of the Chinese Medicine supplied will not be sold directly to the public. Dr. Wang will need to consult and diagnose his patients before formulating the Chinese Medicine formula. Proper consultation and diagnosis will be required before any pursuit of treatment. Dr. Wang assists his patients to the best of his ability with more than 600 comprehensive herbal selections. Patients are encouraged to express all their health concerns in detail during the consultation.